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Welcome to your new blog community that has just been launched!

Welcome to Mrs. Clark's Classroom Blog!


A "blog" is a web log.  It is just like your writing journal except it's on the internet.

You are able to post comments, pictures, and so much more! 

We will conduct guided reading book discussions through our secure classroom blog.  We will also continue to learn together by using our classroom blog to share ideas in science, social studies, and math!!

Please remember that this fun new technology is another tool we will use in the classroom to learn new things together. It is very important that we use this learning tool in an appropiate manner.  When you write on paper and pencil you take ownership of what you produce.  Our classroom blog is no different.  You will be responsible for posting any comment or response.  Use our blog wisely.  If you have any questions, please ask me before you post anything that you are unsure about posting.   

  Happy blogging!  

Only members of Mrs. Clark's class have permission to log into this secure, online community. 





Did You Know...

that you can save a picture from the Internet?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your cursor over the image you want to save
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Scroll down to "Save Picture As"
  4. Navigate to your school directory
  5. Open your teacher's folder
  6. Open your folder
  7. Name the file
  8. Click "Save"